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Why reinvent the wheel! Toolkits for the test industry from just $49
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  Interface Hardware and LabVIEW Drivers for I2C and SPI Programming

TestStand ASCII Report Parser

Scalable Plug-n-Play Thermocouple DAQ System

USB Light Tower LabVIEW Driver + Complete HW Kit

  vibDaq Transient Base System

LabVIEW Low-Cost Wireless Communication Toolkit

PC Based X-Y plotter/ tester/ Timebase-recorder

winAPI Custom Test Steps for TestStand

Multi-Channel Thermocouple Datalogger Software


Why reinvent the wheel?

Do you have a toolkit that others may find useful?

Do you want to realize a return on your development investment?

Would you like help to market and sell your toolkit?

justTESTtoolkits.com can help!

justTESTtoolkits.com is a global marketplace where you can actively promote and sell the results of your specific development work. It brings test developers and toolkit suppliers together with one aim:

"To reduce inefficiencies when developing successful test solutions"

It is easy to add your toolkit to the site. There are no up-front charges, you just upload the details of what you are selling, along with manuals, demos and images if appropriate. You can even upload your toolkit if it is software downloadable!

For each toolkit you sell on-line, you will receive the full price minus standard marketing, infrastructure, and credit card fees. If you have developed something that is useful to many test developers, the rewards could be huge. If you have a great idea for a toolkit, get developing and help others who could benefit from your experience.

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