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Why reinvent the wheel! Toolkits for the test industry from just $49
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  Interface Hardware and LabVIEW Drivers for I2C and SPI Programming

TestStand ASCII Report Parser

Scalable Plug-n-Play Thermocouple DAQ System

USB Light Tower LabVIEW Driver + Complete HW Kit

  vibDaq Transient Base System

LabVIEW Low-Cost Wireless Communication Toolkit

PC Based X-Y plotter/ tester/ Timebase-recorder

winAPI Custom Test Steps for TestStand

Multi-Channel Thermocouple Datalogger Software


Why reinvent the wheel?
This is where our site really shines! With hundreds of certified developers in our database, we have streamlined the process of getting quick tools built.

Step 1: Fill out the form below and SUBMIT your request. Note that, since we will be building this tool from scratch, a budget of less than $1000 is not realistic. Please put a budgetary number high enough to attract several bidders.

Step 2: We will do an initial review of your request and filter out those developers in our database who have the right skillset. We will then solicit their feedback on your request.

Step 3: If one or more developers is interested and believes that the tool can be built within your budget, we will move to the Requirements Documentation step. At this point, justTESTtoolkits will require a 15% downpayment as a good faith deposit.

Step 4: Using our streamlined requirements gathering process, we work with you and the interested developers to document the functionality needed by the tool.

Step 5: The qualified developers will then bid to build the toolkit, where the lowest bid wins. 95% of the time, this bid will be below your original estimate. However, in the case that it is not, and you decide that you do not want to go forward, we will refund your 15% downpayment.

Step 6: The toolkit will then be built and delivered to you, at which point you are invoiced the other 85%. Your software license will give you unlimited use of the tool inside your company.

Step 7: The toolkit developer will later post this tool on our website to sell to others. This benefits you in three ways: First, by selling the tool to others, the initial development can be done at a lower price. Second, the more users of the tool, the more future updates and improvements will be made. As the original buyer, you will receive all of these new features, bug fixes, and updates for FREE. Finally, you will be the first customer to give FEEDBACK on this tool, and your feedback will be critical in helping the developer sell more units. This implies that the developer will be very motivated to make you happy so that good feedback will be given.

So don't hesitate! Fill out the form below and let us start working on the tool for you.

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